Pokemon Season 2: Adventures In Orange Islands [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English] Episodes Download (1080p FHD)

Pokemon Season 2: Adventures In Orange Islands [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English] Download (1080p FHD)
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Series Info

Show Name: Pokemon: Adventures In Orange Islands

Season No: 02

Total Episodes: 52

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure

Language: Hindi + Tamil + Telugu + English (Multi Audio)

Duration: 22 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 100-150MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 1080pFHD x265 HEVC 10bit VootKids WEB-DL



Ash’s journey to the top of the Indigo League continues—but will his friendship with fellow Pokémon League competitor Richie endanger his chances? With his Kanto journey completed, Ash finds there’s still plenty to see and do when Professor Oak sends him and his friends to the Orange Islands. Brock falls head-over-heels for the attractive Professor Ivy and decides to stay with her, leaving Ash and Misty alone as a dynamic duo—at least until they meet intrepid Pokémon watcher Tracey Sketchit!.

Note: Episodes arranged according to VootKids Releases.

All Episodes List!!

S02E01_Princess_VS_Princess<br /> (106.0MB)
S02E02_The_Purr_fect_Hero<br /> (127.6MB)
S02E03_Ride_Me_This<br /> (123.7MB)
S02E04_Volcanic_Panic<br /> (140.96MB)
S02E05_Beach_Blank_Out_Blastoise<br /> (133.26MB)
S02E06_The_Misty_Mermaid<br /> (121.88MB)
S02E07_Clefairy_Tales<br /> (125.9MB)
S02E08_The_Battle_Of_The_Badge<br /> (120.17MB)
S02E09_Its_Mr_Mime_Time<br /> (121.55MB)
S02E10_Holiday_Hi_Jynx_464p__<br /> (103.72MB)
S02E11_Snow_Way_Out_<br /> (139.7MB)
S02E12_Showdown_at_the_Po_ke_Corrall<br /> (119.33MB)
S02E13_The_Evolution_Solution_464p__<br /> (108.94MB)
S02E14_The_Pi_Kahuna<br /> (124.18MB)
S02E15_Make_Room_For_Gloom<br /> (119.45MB)
S02E16_Lights_Camera_Quack_tion<br /> (129.22MB)
S02E17_Go_West_Young_Meowth<br /> (101.54MB)
S02E18_To_Master_the_Onixpected<br /> (136.22MB)
S02E19_The_Ancient_Puzzle_of_Pokemopolis<br /> (123.21MB)
S02E20_Bad_to_the_Bone<br /> (142.09MB)
S02E21_All_Fired_Up_<br /> (161.53MB)
S02E22_Round_One_Begin<br /> (109.24MB)
S02E23_Fire_and_Ice_<br /> (124.1MB)
S02E24_The_Fourth_Round_Rumble<br /> (144.44MB)
S02E25_A_Friend_in_Deed<br /> (120.32MB)
S02E26_Friend_and_Foe_Alike<br /> (117.14MB)
S02E27_Friends_to_the_End<br /> (112.46MB)
S02E28_Pallet_Party_Panic<br /> (145.65MB)
S02E29_A_Scare_in_the_Air<br /> (117.5MB)
S02E30_Poke_Ball_Peril<br /> (127.45MB)
S02E31_The_Lost_Lapras<br /> (141.78MB)
S02E32_Fit_To_Be_Tide<br /> (127.74MB)
S02E33_Pikachu_Re_Volts<br /> (135.59MB)
S02E34_The_Crystal_Onix<br /> (126.25MB)
S02E35_In_the_Pink_<br /> (152.17MB)
S02E36_Shell_Shock_<br /> (154.04MB)
S02E37_Stage_Fight_464p___<br /> (118.42MB)
S02E38_Bye_Bye_Psyduck<br /> (137.15MB)
S02E39_The_Joy_of<br /> (123.01MB)
S02E40_Navel_Maneuvers<br /> (124.77MB)
S02E41_Snack_Attack_<br /> (117.46MB)
S02E42_A_Shipful_of_Shivers<br /> (142.72MB)
S02E43_Meowth_Rules_<br /> (112.9MB)
S02E44_Tracey_Gets_Bugged<br /> (125.78MB)
S02E45_A_Way_Off_Day_Off<br /> (135.19MB)
S02E46_The_Mandarin_Island_Miss_Match_464p__<br /> (93.14MB)
S02E47_Wherefore_Art_Thou_<br /> (157.61MB)
S02E48_Get_Along_Little<br /> (142.38MB)
S02E49_The_Mystery_Menace<br /> (112.95MB)
S02E50_Misty_Meets_Her_Match<br /> (116.47MB)
S02E51_Bound_For_Trouble<br /> (125.8MB)
S02E52_Charizard_Chills<br /> (113.98MB)

Note: The Default Audio Of The Above Links Is Hindi, So Kindly Use MX/VLC Player For Your Desired Audios.

Season 2 Completed, Enjoy!!

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