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Shinchan Season 14 Episodes In [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu] Download (1080p FHD)

Shinchan Season 14 Episodes In Hindi – Tamil – Telugu Download (1080p FHD)
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Series Info

Show Name: Shinchan

Season No: 14

Total Episodes: 52

Genre: Seinen | Slice of Life | Comedy

Language: Hindi + Tamil + Telugu (Multi Audio)

Duration: 24 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 170-277MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 1080p DSNP WEB-DL

Credit : Telly


Crayon Shin-chan, also known as Shin Chan, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui. It follows the adventures of the five-year-old Shinnosuke “Shin” Nohara and his parents, baby sister, dog, neighbours, and friends and is set in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture of Japan.

All Episodes List!!

S14E1 Mom Is in BNP / Way to Gold Medal [232.69 MB]

S14E2 Grandpas Competition / Who Will Go Back [215.17 MB]

S14E3 Mask Dad / Look for Shiro [245.18 MB]

S14E4 Kazama Is Worried / Action Kamen Will Never Betray Us [158.67 MB]

S14E5 Fall in Love of Aquarium / Look for the Place to Shift [232.64 MB]

S14E6 Dont Forget About Action Kamen / Increase Girls Power [228.84 MB]

S14E7 I Woke Up Early / Itching Mosquito [236.62 MB]

S14E8 Salary Man Like Flowing Noodle / Beautiful Shiro [261.69 MB]

S14E9 Stuck in the Gap / Return in the Summer [253.83 MB]

S14E10 Micchi and Yoshirin Are in Danger [213.4 MB]

S14E11 Werewolf in Kasukabe / Wash the Curtain [213.75 MB]

S14E12 Keep Moms Napping Secret / Hiroshi Nohara Dragonfly [217.18 MB]

S14E13 Difficult in Selecting Gift / Want to Sell Book [246.14 MB]

S14E14 Toy Box Is Full / Can Put Anything [230.99 MB]

S14E15 Party in Kasukabe / Himawari and Bear [249.43 MB]

S14E16 Cannot Untie / Who Made Principal Angry [220.3 MB]

S14E17 Lets Go to Sky Tree / Carrie Arrival [226.41 MB]

S14E18 Family Trip in Kusatsu / Today Is Cold [228.45 MB]

S14E19 Help in Shifting / Contest With Shiro [244.81 MB]

S14E20 Exciting! Athletic Park! / Tower of B Level Gourmet [277.26 MB]

S14E21 Dream Curry Party! / Scaring! Monster Dentist [212.15 MB]

S14E22 Look for Key of Friendship / Nene Is in a Slump [232.96 MB]

S14E23 Grandpas Open School Day / Where Is Fountain Pen of Dad [225.43 MB]

S14E24 Compete! Ninja Land / Return Green Pepper [244.28 MB]

S14E25 Lets Go for Clamming / Many Umbrellas [234.41 MB]

S14E26 Mom Admitted in the Hospital [206.66 MB]

S14E27 Enjoy Admission Life [220.73 MB]

S14E28 Pool With Dad / Mysterious Bamboo Princess [236.85 MB]

S14E29 Shaking Swing Girl / Want to Watch Commercial [227.02 MB]

S14E30 Lets Find Moms Treasure / Criminal Is Kazama [227.11 MB]

S14E31 Bowling Competition / Moms Past [247.72 MB]

S14E32 Want to Get Slim This Time / Get Treasure in Spain [229.28 MB]

S14E33 Im Chased by Kazama / Want to Sell in Free Market [249.03 MB]

S14E34 Dream Caf to Make / We Are Consumer Electronics [240.55 MB]

S14E35 Running Class / Shiros Walking Friend [220.09 MB]

S14E36 Action Kamen Is Missing / Dad Is Unlucky on Sunday [233.93 MB]

S14E37 I Will Walk More Than Dad / Go-Chan Visited [229.07 MB]

S14E38 Heal Dad / Robo Dog [249.8 MB]

S14E39 Masaos Elder Brother / Take Compensation Day [205.71 MB]

S14E40 Weather Forecaster Man / Go to Father Farm [249.19 MB]

S14E41 Eat Aichans Lunch / Sort by Shifting House [236.09 MB]

S14E42 Change With Shiro / Experience Tuition [257.83 MB]

S14E43 Suddenly Neighbors Lunch / Cannot Cut Nails Easily [234.35 MB]

S14E44 Zo in Return for Led / Neno Nene No Zo [170.75 MB]

S14E45 We Can Never Be Lost in Soccer Competition [269.76 MB]

S14E46 Hells Saleslady Returned / Musaes Driving School [248.22 MB]

S14E47 Can Musae Get Driving License [206.05 MB]

S14E48 Produce Idle / I Feel Concern About Bochan [235.87 MB]

S14E49 Prepare for Performance / What Himawari Is Scared Of [241.91 MB]

S14E50 Famous for Sharp Tongue / Girls School [252.84 MB]

S14E51 Nenes Eco Bag / Clean Up Toys [257.76 MB]

Season 14 Completed, Enjoy!!

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