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Pakdam Pakdai Season 1 All Episodes In Hindi Download (1080p FHD)

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Series Info

Show Name: Pakdam Pakdai

Season No: 01

Total Episodes: 26

Genre: Adventure | Action | Comedy

Language: Hindi (Original Audio) 

Duration: 20-21 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 220-400MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 1080p (FHD)



A chase comedy that is a rollicking adventure between a friendly but gullible dog Doggy Don, and the three naughty mice – Chottu, Lambu and Motu. Doggy Don is aided in his futile but fun attempts to defeat the mice by his older brother Colonel, an ex-army dog who is smarter than Doggy Don, but not as smart as the three mice. Each story in the series deals with some mischief that the mice create.

All Episodes List!!

Episode 01 Beach Boys and Remote War and The Date [261.18 MB]

Episode 02 Chill Zone and Sports Complex and Pigeon Baby [255.96 MB]

Episode 04 Zoo Mantar and Hawa Hawai and Kitchen Ki Jung [277.26 MB]

Episode 05 Bhajiye Ki Tarah and Rasgulla Yuddh and Colonel [254.25 MB]

Episode 06 Music Mayhem and Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali [244.7 MB]

Episode 07 Like Mango and Shopping Mad and Saawan Mein [390.1 MB]

Episode 08 Frequent Flyer and Chandi Ki Cycle and Fish [327.78 MB]

Episode 09 Pool Off and Amusement Park and Rock Stars [309.05 MB]

Episode 10 Pizza Time and Khaansi Zukhaam and Play Mates [224.12 MB]

Episode 11 Kachra Party and Paint Job and Cruise Blues [301.7 MB]

Episode 12 Photo Finish and Crazy Cricket and Python Problem [265.51 MB]

Episode 13 Camping Trip and Model Town and Space Ride [388.81 MB]

Episode 14 Chotta Don and Octopyaar and Electric Blanket [285.71 MB]

Episode 16 Holiday Resort and Painter Babu and Cinema [303.75 MB]

Episode 17 Fright Night and Universal Remote and Monkey [257.48 MB]

Episode 18 Kapada Don and Yogi Don and Invisible Don [258.07 MB]

Episode 19 Guitar Don and Ants In The Pants and Sleepy [286.18 MB]

Episode 20 Eye Strain and Electric Cat and Car Naama [307.82 MB]

Episode 21 Patangzaade and Qutab Minar and Driver Bros [302.72 MB]

Episode 22 Padosan and Train Ride and Money In The Bank [299.48 MB]

Episode 23 House On Wheels and Squirrel Quarrel and Museum [339.37 MB]

Episode 24 Super Hero Don and Library Trouble and Magic [325.6 MB]

Episode 25 Extreme Racer Don and Snow Don and Spa Day [342.05 MB]

Episode 26 Don At Dinner and Office Don and Cola Don [376.22 MB]

Season 01 Completed, Enjoy!!

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