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Perman All Sonic Episodes In Hindi Download (480p TVRip)


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Series Info 

Name: Perman Sonic Episodes

Release Year: 03 May 2016 (India)

Language: Hindi

Duration: 09-12 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 32-65MB 

Quality: 480p (HQ)


Synopsis: Mitsuo encountered Bird-man, an alien who is a part of a federation that tries to maintain peace in the galaxy.He then received a helmet (that also serves as a mask) that gives superhuman strength, a cape that enables the wearer to fly, and a badge that allows him to breathe underwater and communicate with his fellow comrades whom he met soon after he utilized these gifts.

Sonic All Hindi Episodes

Ganko wants to marry perman [36.37 MB]

Perman Buried Alive [56.66 MB]

Aiming At The Date [16.5 MB]

Michiko Ne Jana Perman Ka Raaz [28.57 MB]

Perman Is Getting Busy [27.74 MB]

Perman Ep 516 Pako’s whip is hard [31.29 MB]

Perman E377 Don’t Show The Bald Head [26.4 MB]

Perman Episode 091 Perman Kisse Shaadi karega [20.35 MB]

Perman Episode 371 Disguise, Disguise and Disguise Again [33.31 MB]

Perman with sumire’s dog [54.53 MB]

Perman Episode 373 Perman is Becoming an Adopted Child [34.73 MB]

Days of payan [26.92 MB]

Perman House is Incomplete [32.8 MB]

Perman becomes Pako [24.29 MB]

What Is Pakos Treasure ? [74.43 MB]

Perman Magnificent Strength [33.18 MB]

Perman’s Special Confession box [26.88 MB]

Perman Quarre between mama and papa [25.01 MB]

Birdman real face [65.39 MB]

How To Fly in The Sky [16.83 MB]

Perman Cannot Fly [122.9 MB]

Perman without badge [23.02 MB]

Why is there a Star Mark [26.72 MB]

Perman The Lifesaver [69.48 MB]

How Is The Perman Fireworks [21.42 MB]

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