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Haddi Mera Buddy

Haddi Mera Buddy Season 5 [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English] Download (576pHQ)

Haddi Mera Buddy Season 5 [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English] Download (576pHQ)
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Series Info

Show Name: Haddi Mera Buddy

Season No: 05

Total Episodes: 23

Genre: Animated | Satire | Comedy

Language: Telugu + Tamil + Hindi + English (Multi Audio)

Duration: 07 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 150-223MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 576pHQ x264 VootKids WEB-DL


Credit: TheDNK


A show featuring the exploits of the Grim Reaper, forced into being the best friend of two children.

Note: Episodes Aren’t Encoded In HEVC Right Now, But We’re Encoding it’s Episodes, And Will Upload ASAP!

All Episodes List!!

S05E53.01 Billy ocean
S05E53.02 Hilly Billy
S05E54 Keeper of the Reaper
S05E55.01 Modern primitives
S05E55.02 Giant Billy and Mandy all out attack
S05E56.01 The wrongest yard
S05E56.02 Druid, wheres my car
S05E57.01 Herbicidal maniac
S05E57.02 Chaos theory
S05E58.01 The love that dare not speak its name
S05E58.02 Major cheese
S05E59.01 A grim day
S05E59.02 Pandoras lunch box
S05E60 The Martians
S05E61.01 Dumb-Dumbs and Dragons
S05E61.02 Fear and loathing in Endsville
S05E62.01 Dad day afternoon
S05E62.02 Scary poppins
S05E63.01 Hurter monkey
S05E64.01 Spidermandy
S05E64.02 Be a-fred, be very a-fred
S05E65.01 The crass unicorn
S05E65.02 Billy and Mandy begins

Season 05 Completed, Enjoy!!

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