Arjun Prince Of Bali Season 1 [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu] Episodes Download (1080p FHD)

Arjun Prince Of Bali Season 1
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Series Info

Show Name: Arjun: Prince of Bali   

Season No: 01

Total Episodes: 26

Genre: Adventure | Action | Comedy

Language: Hindi + Tamil + Telugu (Multi Audio)

Duration: 12 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 80-130MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 1080pFHD x265 HEVC 10bit WEB-DL



Arjun, The Prince of Bali has to go on a journey along with his friends and his pet tiger Zimbu to find the seven pieces of a magical sword, the only weapon that can defeat the Evil Hiranya who has captured his kingdom and parents.

All Episodes List!!

S01E01_Happy_Birthday_Arjun<br /> (95.95MB)
S01E02_A_Mysterious_Treasure<br /> (97.79MB)
S01E03_Jewel_Thief_and_a_Cursed<br /> (98.35MB)
S01E04_A_Fishy_Tale_and_a_Eagle<br /> (102.38MB)
S01E05_Camping_Fun_and_Bali<br /> (105.55MB)
S01E06_Overcoming_Magical_Obstacles<br /> (93.05MB)
S01E07_Obeying_Laws_and_Fighting<br /> (94.65MB)
S01E08_Troubles_of_the_Sea<br /> (130.2MB)
S01E10_Crazy_Critters_and_Dreams<br /> (88.56MB)
S01E11_Of_Dancers_and_Dacoits<br /> (97.35MB)
S01E12_Palace_and_its_Troubles<br /> (96.91MB)
S01E13_Saviours_of_Bali<br /> (81.96MB)
S01E14_Bali_in_Danger<br /> (111.51MB)
S01E15_Lessons_in_Friendship<br /> (100.1MB)
S01E16_The_Disappearing_Act<br /> (108.32MB)
S01E17_Danger_All_Around<br /> (101.04MB)
S01E18_Witches_Reign_Terror<br /> (103.0MB)
S01E19_Race_to_the_Top<br /> (101.55MB)
S01E20_Brave_Arjun_Saves_the<br /> (115.56MB)
S01E21_The_Crown_is_Trapped<br /> (99.8MB)
S01E22_The_Food_Wars<br /> (94.46MB)
S01E23_Lost_and_Found<br /> (103.85MB)
S01E24_Power_of_Hypnosis<br /> (96.78MB)
S01E25_Who_is_the_True_Enemy<br /> (103.46MB)
S01E26_Bali_Enchanted<br /> (99.29MB)

Season 01 Completed, Enjoy!!

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