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Series Info

Name: Super Shiro

Release Year: 22 February 2021 (India)

Language: Hindi (Original Audio)

Duration: 06 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 30-56MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 720p – 1080p

Encoded By: TOONSHUB

SynopsisShiro is an ordinary dog living with the Nohara family. But when the “S” badge is attached, he gets a special power and becomes Super Shiro! His mission is to find the mysterious Bobobobobone, before it falls in the wrong paws and prevent evil use of it.

Super Shiro Season 1 Hindi Episodes List!
<strong> Episode 1 – Shiro Hain Super Hero! </strong>
<strong> Episode 2 – Ajab Anokhi Biscuit Factory! </strong>
<strong> Episode 3 – Jewelry Store Mein Dhum-dharam! </strong>
<strong> Episode 4 – Ande Ko Maro Dande! </strong>
<strong> Episode 5 – Shiro Sikandar, Jhil Ke Andar! </strong>
<strong> Episode 6 – Chutti Mein Shin-Chan Ke Sath Masti! </strong>
<strong> Episode 7 – Museum Mein Dhoom-Dharam! </strong>
<strong> Episode 8 – Pool Ke Uper Hosh Gul! </strong>
<strong> Episode 9 – Mehenati Chitiya! </strong>
<strong> Episode 10 – Gold Ne Kiya Bowled! </strong>
<strong> Episode 11 – Pakdo Gubbare! </strong>
<strong> Episode 12 – Superhero Ki Entry! </strong>
<strong> Episode 13 – Fish Factory! </strong>
<strong> Episode 15 – Oyeeh Bowling Mein Ho Gayi Balle-balle! </strong>
<strong> Episode 16 – Bin-Chatri Barsat! </strong>
<strong> Episode 17 – Khatarnak Jagah! </strong>
<strong> Episode 18 – Bo Bo Bo Bo Bottle! </strong>
<strong> Episode 19 – Khet Mein Ho Gayi Jung! </strong>
<strong> Episode 21 – Yeh Macchi Nahi Acchi! </strong>
<strong> Episode 22 – Shh! Saab Sou Rahe Hain! </strong>
<strong> Episode 23 – Space Museum Mein Swagat Hain! </strong>
<strong> Episode 24 – Deka-pu Ko Banna Hain Duniyaka Raaja! </strong>
<strong> Episode 25 – Mr Makkhi Se Takkar! </strong>
<strong> Episode 26 – Ek Doctor Ki Darawana Ghar! </strong>
<strong> Episode 27 – Hilna Mat! </strong>
<strong> Episode 28 – Muscle Championship! </strong>
<strong> Episode 29 – Daanto Ka Museum! </strong>
<strong> Episode 31 – Chalo Mushroom Ke Duniya Mein! </strong>
<strong> Episode 32 – Khullja Sim Sim! </strong>
<strong> Episode 33 – Pani Ke Niche Khalbali! </strong>
<strong> Episode 34 – Superhero Ki Chutti! </strong>
<strong> Episode 35 – Jungle Mein Tak-Dhina-Dhin! </strong>
<strong> Episode 36 – Cancan Ki Zindagi! </strong>
<strong> Episode 37 – Shiro Ladhega Ninja Se! </strong>
<strong> Episode 38 – Hero Badge Ka Secrets! </strong>
<strong> Episode 39 – Chiti Ki Zindagi! </strong>
<strong> Episode 40 – Chalo Khelein Golf! </strong>
<strong> Episode 41 – Bina Neend Ka Raat! </strong>
<strong> Episode 42 – Cold Ne Kar Diya Bowled… Acchooo! </strong>
<strong> Episode 43 – Bhago Bhago Bhago! </strong>
<strong> Episode 44 – Bo Bo Bo Bone Ka Rahasya… Hmmm! </strong>
<strong> Episode 45 – Po Po Po Po Po Po Popcorm! </strong>
<strong> Episode 46 – Dhulai-hi Dhulai! </strong>
<strong> Episode 47 – Tarbooj Karein Confuse! </strong>
<strong> Episode 48 – Aadhi Raat Ko Shopping! </strong>

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