Doraemon Season 18 [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu] Episodes Download (1080p FHD)

Doraemon Season 18 Episodes Download In Multi Audios
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Series Info

Show Name: Doraemon 

Season No: 18

Total Episodes: 52

Genre: Animation | Comedy | Family 

Language: Hindi + Tamil + Telugu (Multi Audio)

Duration: 24 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 90-125MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 1080pFHD x265 HEVC 10bit DSNP WEB-DL



Trouble seems to follow Nobita around. Fortunately for him, he’s got Doraemon, a trusty cat-type robot from the 22nd century with a handy 4D pocket that can provide an almost endless supply of gadgets, that makes Nobita’s life easier.

Download Doraemon Season 18 Episodes In (Multi Audio)

Download Doraemon Season 18 Episodes In Hindi - Tamil - Telugu (Multi Audio)

Audio Track Info

Track 1:- Hindi Dub (AAC 2.0) 128kbps

Track 2:- Tamil Dub (AAC 2.0) 128kbps

Track 3:- Telugu Dub (AAC 2.0) 128kbps

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Note: Episodes arranged according to Disney Plus Hotstar. 

All Episodes List!!

S18E01 - Lets Grow Fireworks Dividing Hammer<br /> (112.58MB)
S18E02 - Spending Summer Break with Monsters Shine Solidifier<br /> (123.44MB)
S18E03 - Nobitas Big Summer Festival Plan I Cant Study in the Sahara Desert<br /> (93.37MB)
S18E04 - Nobitas Energy Usage Fly the Nosebubbles<br /> (115.05MB)
S18E05 - Human Locomotive Mushroom-gathering in the Miniscape<br /> (148.48MB)
S18E06 - What is Halloween Tasting Spoon<br /> (119.9MB)
S18E07 - Go Wild with Magical Hand Medusa Head<br /> (113.44MB)
S18E08 - The Feelings of a Roasted Sweet Potato A Dazzling Comet<br /> (95.36MB)
S18E09 - Nobita vs. Musashi Just Before the Battle of Ganryu<br /> (124.76MB)
S18E10 - Fur Ring Sparkling Christmas Strategy<br /> (128.57MB)
S18E11 - Good House Bad Hous Phobia<br /> (110.94MB)
S18E12 - Plan for Getting Out of the Earth Word Restriction Pen<br /> (99.87MB)
S18E13 - Animal Payback Drops Snowman in the Town<br /> (106.18MB)
S18E14 - Bon Apptit Chocolate Nobita Recital at the Blue Moon Night<br /> (95.34MB)
S18E15 - Sushi Conveyor Belt for Humans Lets have an Easy Life with a Copybrain<br /> (103.98MB)
S18E16 - Rich Dad Poor Dad Walking to the Moon<br /> (112.27MB)
S18E17 - Skyhorse Farm Overnight Cramming Barrel<br /> (117.48MB)
S18E18 - Dolphin in the Empty Lot Blow Out the Obstacles with Time Pistol<br /> (126.89MB)
S18E19 - Becoming a King in the Stone Age Catch the Carp Streamer<br /> (113.05MB)
S18E20 - Lets Make an Anywhere Door Stork Pay me back<br /> (101.91MB)
S18E21 - Nobita Railway Transforming from a Bag into a River Horse with Transmogrify Ray<br /> (122.68MB)
S18E22 - What a Surprise Nobita Scored 100 Percent Treasure Hunting in the Chinkara Pass<br /> (126.57MB)
S18E23 - Deluxifier Nobitas 100 Score Gets a Big Disaster 25 years Later<br /> (111.84MB)
S18E24 - Nobitas Fried Shrimp Help Helping Boat<br /> (117.12MB)
S18E25 - Spoiled Dad Shizuka Turns into a Kappa<br /> (69.87MB)
S18E26 - Nobita Eleven The Bartering Machine<br /> (120.43MB)
S18E27 - Castle in the Big Hill The Flag of Truth is Always Right<br /> (111.75MB)
S18E28 - Transforming fish into a boat Viral Marketing Virus<br /> (103.81MB)
S18E29 - Unturned Stone Cap Nobitas Bride<br /> (125.3MB)
S18E30 - Live Through Summer in a Mini House Feel-Good Float<br /> (127.46MB)
S18E31 - Guiding Angel Welcome to Notiba Airline<br /> (105.12MB)
S18E32 - God Player Wonderful Camping in the 22nd Century<br /> (112.42MB)
S18E33 - Portable Parliament Popcorn of Anger<br /> (115.1MB)
S18E34 - Trick-or-Tanuki Wild Pumpkin at Halloween<br /> (99.79MB)
S18E35 - Boasted Ancestor Flying Manga<br /> (118.8MB)
S18E36 - Lets Accuse One Falsely Macho Body Clay<br /> (106.28MB)
S18E37 - Clean Up with the Storm Fallen Leaves and Jaiko<br /> (118.25MB)
S18E38 - Nobita Became Shizuka Clone Juice<br /> (106.23MB)
S18E39 - Money is Worthless in This World Doramis Birthday<br /> (101.34MB)
S18E40 - Recycling with the Make-do Ant Sweetstick<br /> (102.99MB)
S18E41 - The Master Board The City Covered with Silly Pepper<br /> (117.22MB)
S18E42 - Lets Become a Snow Fairy Protect the World in the Secret Base<br /> (135.04MB)
S18E43 - Four-dimensional Cycling Rice Cake and Sumo for Valentines Day<br /> (124.44MB)
S18E44 - Dinosaur Hunter<br /> (153.44MB)
S18E45 - Skiing in the Miniscape Set with Shizuka The Richer Boy than Suneo<br /> (105.41MB)
S18E46 - Pet Look-Alike Pie Invincible Super Backpack<br /> (103.2MB)
S18E47 - Dive into the Clam Pack Lets Punish Intercepting Gian<br /> (105.1MB)
S18E48 - Nobitas Cardboard Space Station Forget-me-lots<br /> (133.08MB)
S18E49 - Lets Move Here And There Split the River in Half with the Staff<br /> (108.83MB)
S18E50 - Revenge Vouchers Voyage on a Dolphin<br /> (116.34MB)
S18E51 - Sweetbot Gian Comes Flying<br /> (110.78MB)
S18E52 - Our Great Battle in the Sky Hugga-pills<br /> (149.58MB)

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Season 18 Completed, Enjoy!!

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